Established since 2003, Les entreprises LAFCO is renowned for its roofing, siding and shingle work, as well as for soffit and fascia installation  and repair.  Les entreprises LAFCO is Stéphane Corbeil and Sylvain Lafleur’s expertises, joined and united to provide you with professionnal and efficient service.


WIth more than 1000 residential and commercial projects under their belt, LAFCO’s reputation remains unmatched in Gatineau. Strong and proud, with a team of fifteen qualified and passionate employees who excel at providing fantastic customer service, Les entreprises LAFCO brings forth more than 30 years of experience, innovative service and a complete liability insurance to ensure incomparable results.


Whether its new construction, roofing repairs or installation of metal cladding or siding,  Les Entreprises LAFCO offers exceptional service at a competitive price. Collaborating closely with numerous suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll be sure to find the right product to match your style and budget.

RBQ: 56488117-01